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So what's EATS and the EATS Challenge?

EATS is the most amazing local initiative in my hometown of Rosyth. The concept of providing Edible and Tasty Spaces (EATS) is a Fife initiative which the local community council has adopted and successfully implemented. Around Rosyth there are various planters and redundant spaces which have been planted with fruit, vegetables and herbs which anyone can pick for free. In addition to this there is also a large orchard and community garden.

The focus of the initiative is to encourage people to use local produce, either by picking what's on offer or to get growing in their own gardens. This is a great way to eat fresh and reduce carbon emissions by growing locally.

So what's the EATS Challenge? Well that's my own personal challenge I am going to hopefully show how easy it is to cook fresh, local, seasonal produce. In addition to my own garden produce and the EATS produce I will also be using some of our fantastic local shops (already featured quite heavily on my blog), and all will be, of course, wheat-free (although equally as tasty for any wheat-eaters).

The list of recipes so far...

EATS Challenge #1 - Potatoes, eggs and courgette

EATS Challenge #2 - Courgette 

EATS Challenge #3 - Plums

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